Get prizes and money by writing fanfics

Ww Fanfic is a new site that allows you to publish and share your stories on the most used social networks in 2018.

We want to offer fanfics mainly in manga themes and video games, but the site is open to all types of stories, even those totally inspired by your imagination.

But that’s not all, we now offer remuneration to writers who use our site.

Get prizes and money by writing stories

The benefits are many, you are initially paid in DollaNs, the local currency used by our social network Netizz. Then you have the choice to exchange these DollaNs for money on Paypal, gifts bought on Price Minister or sent by us. We currently have more than 100 mangas among the lots to win! You can also get services, such as buying a Japanese class, creating a website, or anything else.

On the one hand, you earn 10 Dollans per written word, up to 5,000 Dollans per chapter, and 1,000 Dollans extra if your fanfic or story includes links to other sites in our network, plus 1,000 Dollans by adding an image to your story. It remains to clarify that the link and the image remain optional.

Content similar to other sites

Be careful however, our site may be penalized if it references similar content on other sites already known. So we use software to verify that your stories are unique on the Internet. In case you want to publish stories / fanfics already present on another site, you must delete it and wait a few months so that the text is dereferenced search engines. You can then publish it here.