The one who made us meet – Part 2

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The one who made us meet – Part 2

[Vincent couldn’t be a simple bystander. Not again. He wouldn’t. There was no way the end was the same. He couldn’t stand it. Not this time. His heart would undoubtedly let go.]

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The next day he armed himself with his mobile phone and sent a message to the old man; Gilbert.

The day before, he had tortured his mind. He had made a choice: to fight his destiny. And therefore, he would not stand idly by.

He had sent a message to get information about Eleonora.

He must have had them since she was a regular; the former owner had to know something.

He took a shower, dressed, had lunch, brushed his teeth, put on his shoes and set off for his workplace.

Arriving, he quickly passed a broomstick, put away some trinkets and stood ready to welcome the guests.

He was busy all day with several activities and clients.

The evening when he went to bed, he jumped when his cell phone Vibra. He had received a message.

Gilbert gave him an appointment the next day. Thursday. Vincent was happy. He was looking forward to the answers. He fell asleep and calmed down.

His appointment didn’t go as he thought it would. He certainly had answers, but they only gave more and more questions that continually tormented him.

He could not sleep until three o’clock in the morning.

Friday. She was coming today. Waiting for her to come.

He couldn’t hold on; too obsessed with unanswered questions. When she arrived, a big smile appeared on her lips.

They greeted each other. She went straight to the books.

Vincent did not leave her gaze from her arrival to her departure.

The days went by, he still did not know any more, and it was bothering him greatly.

How can we act if he was in ignorance?

Three weeks had passed, he couldn’t take it anymore. The worst part was that he had noticed the sadness in the pretty eyes of this child, whose attachment he had made far too quickly.

As usual, Éléonore went to the books after greeting him. Without being able to retain his words, he asked her:

“Don’t your parents worry too much when you come straight here?”

He immediately regretted. What a ball!The child’s face closed and a coldness mask took place. Far from being stupid, she understood that something was bothering that man she met twice a week. She was sure of it; he knew something, otherwise he would not have taken that guilty expression.



Vincent felt uncomfortable. He screwed up. Eleonore showed him the book that she took and gave him the necessary money; without any words exchanged and left.

He screwed up pretty bad.

She definitely looked a lot like Alex. This observation hurt his heart.

He was right about that.

The following Tuesday, she didn’t pass. Nor Friday. And for two weeks her absence worried Vincent.

He kept thinking about his shit. But what an idiot!

It was already Saturday. The weather was rainy. His watch was 18:30 when he heard someone knocking. It had been about an hour and a half since he closed the shop. Vincent wondered who it could be. He remained shocked when he opened and found Eleonore on the threshold of the door, in tears and soaked from head to foot.

To be followed…

Short part, but it’s to let the suspense last~ x3

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